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Investment Guidance

Investing in direct equity can save a lot of costs over mutual funds. We make it easier to get started and guide you throughout.

Trading Recommendations

We believe in partnering with you. We help traders with market direction and trading strategies.

Training Courses

EQSIS stock market courses can make you learn the concepts and our mentoring services helps you to practice.

Intraday Simulators

Practice stock trading using our simulator. This helps you to gain experience in real-time scenarios without losing your capital.

Scanners and Filters

Data analytics is what we do. We have made most of the scanners and filters publicly available for our clients to get benefited from.

Financial Blogs

Knowledge sharing at EQSIS happens by writing blogs. We cover a wide range of topics from investing and trading.

Take Advantage of a Growing Economy

Whether you are new or experienced in the stock market, we appreciate your commitment and the effort taken to improve your financial wealth.

At EQSIS, we educate, equip and empower stock traders and investors.

There are millions of ways to make money in the market. Selecting the right way that suits your risk appetite and temperament is of utmost necessity. Everyone has got unique expectations from the market. The expectation of one investor will vary from another investor likewise; the expectation of one trader will vary from another trader. Setting the right expectation from the market is the key to making money for both traders and investors. Having the right mindset with realistic expectations comes from both experience and knowledge.

EQSIS training services are said to bridge the knowledge gap. Our mentoring and workflow modules help our clients to practice trading and investing professionally. EQSIS INVEST, is a tool that helps investors with systematic investment in direct equities. Our research tools help traders to stay updated on market opportunities.

With all our experience and knowledge, we would love to guide you in the right direction so that, you can reach your desired financial position much sooner than you have anticipated.

The key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them

– Peter Lynch

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