A smarter and simpler way to invest in stocks

Get the investment recommendation and reminder to invest directly in the stock market. Investment process will no more difficult.

How it works?

Simplified investment process. In just 3 clicks you make your investments.

Click 1: Get Stock List

Get the stock list with units you need to buy/sell. It follows our expert rating to generate the list.

Click 2: Review

You can review the recommend stock list. If you wish to make any changes, you can do it or you may proceed further.

Click 3: Trade

With our preferred brokers you can trade all the stocks in one click. Otherwise, we will email the stock list to trade on your own

Pricing that

Investing in direct equities saves significant cost over Mutual Fund / PMS.


Rs. 15000

Why invest with us?

Backed by Expert

You get good quality stocks to invest, and best practice to diversify your portfolio.

Cost Effective

Direct investment in equities is way cheaper than mutual funds.

Timely Motivation

We make sure that every term we remind you with the list of stock you need to buy /sell to build your portfolio. It saves you time

Its Now or Never

There is no good time to invest other than NOW. Hoping for the better ROI, do not delay your investment journey. Our investment recommendation is carried out by SEBI Registered Research Analyst.

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