Stock Analysis Made

WORKFLOW, An Digital Infrastructure for a professional traders to manage their daily routine.

Stock Analysis

It makes analysis super easy and effective.

Time Management

It make you to organise your stock analysis activities.

Get Opinions

Look how people responded to your views or analysis.

Expert Reviews

Experts can review your task and gives you feedback.


Answering few questions makes you learn and practice stock analysis

Timely Reminders

Boost your productivity and speed up the repetitive tasks

Track your timeline

Depend upon you interest, you will find the list of task to be performed. This will provide the effective time management and right focus.

  • Displays list of available task
  • You can set reminder on unavailable task

Discover what makes EQSIS Workflow great.

Trusted by 2000+ trades and investors

Improved Decision-Making

Get Better and Consistent

Streamline Your Analysis

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What is EQSIS Workflow?

EQSIS Workflow has various task which helps the professional traders to manage their daily routine.

What kind of tasks are in EQSIS Workflow?

Kind of Q&A which enables you to perform stock analysis. we have curated tasks to boost your productivity.

Do I need to spend more time in EQSIS Workflow?

In EQSIS Workflow you spend less time to get more work done. So you will more efficient and productive than before.

Is EQSIS Workflow Free?

In EQSIS Workflow we charge only for tasks. We have some premium task, but most of the task for free for the users. Feel to to try them