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Stock Trading Recommendations

Get our tips and trade with peace of mind. We have one for everyone. Be it intraday or positional, equity or index and option strategies you can find it here.

Our Lead Analyst is SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Valarmurugan.S : SEBI REG NO: INH200003000

Positional Traders
Intraday Traders

Yearly Package

Rs.9000(Inc. GST)
  • Index Intraday
  • Stock Intraday
  • Index Positional
  • Stock Positional
  • Option Strategies

About our Recommendation

Our Research Process

With a full research services at our finger tips, we help traders with market direction and trading strategies

1. Momentum Filter

We begin filtering stocks with various momentum parameters from equity markets. Short term traders, dalal street traders and analyst use our stock scanners.

EQSIS stock scanners are on the top of their bookmarked site.

Try our Stock Scanner

2. Trend Tracking

We use very simple charting platform to identify the demand and supply of the particular stock. We follow traditional concepts of technical analysis. However we use unique data points such as delivery volume and gap analysis to confirm the trend.

This helps us to flow along with the market direction.

Try our Charting Platform

3. Derivative Insights

We map the derivative trader view using the open interest analysis along with participant (FII, DII and Retail clients) wise positions. The segment wise study may give as clue to spot the market force for near term.

We have proprietary methods to do the same.

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4. Developing Trade Plan

Well researched, unbiased, straight forward and actionable stock recommendations will be generated. Here we give importance to the risk evaluation, so define the stoploss and target accordingly.

We also suggest derivative trade plan which helps trade to optimize the risk adjusted returns.

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