An active stock trader can

Find a next Intraday and positional stock tips

Here you get a stock which is good for intraday buy and sell. Traders can save time and money with us.

What to expect? 


Number of Alerts

We provide 1 – 2 Intraday calls per day and 2 – 3 positional calls per month.



Our calls are generally based on NSE cash markets unless mentioned as futures.


Recommendations will be sent through SMS and Whatsapp during the day.

Success Ratio

We aim for 60% strike rate on average over the long run. We urge our clients to manage the risk consistently.

Trial Period

We can’t guarantee results in every call, hence providing short term service or trial becomes misleading.

Past Recommendations

It’s all about probability, not certainty. We also insist that our past performance does not indicate future results. 

How we work?

We believe in partnering with you. We help traders with market direction and trading strategies. With our stock alerts you need to place the trades and manage risk wisely.

Intraday Stock Slection

We look for the momentum stocks through top down approach. And we find trade levels by following the market.

Positional Stock Selection

We derive short term trend with the help of technical analysis. It generally offers 5 – 10% Risk returns.

Subscribe Now!!!

We offer annual subscription to avail our intraday and position recommendations at an affordable price.


Our research practices and services are holistic and unique.


In-Depth Research

We dig deeper to understand the market. Our methods are very much objective to spot trading opportunities.

On Time Delivery

We make every recommendation trade-able by our clients. We send alerts well before the trade initiates

Affordable Pricing

We understand the trading cost better than anyone. Hence we charge nominal for you to trade with minimal capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here the list of question generally asked by people. Hope you find your answer here. If not feel free to contact us at +91-9500077790 

Do you have monthly or Bi-Annual services?

No, currently we have just annual term, this helps our clients to be consistent for long term. Meanwhile we make sure the price is affordable to subscribe.

Can i expect a sure shot calls?

We take serious efforts in studying the trend / momentum of the stock. However the results of the particular recommendation are not certain. Hence we do not guarantee outcome of the calls provided.

WHo is your lead analyst?

EQSIS Research Services are Delivered by SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Valarmurugan.S : SEBI REG NO: INH200003000

How much capital needed to trade your recommendations?

We dont insist on the minimum quantatiy to trade. But we expect our client to take consistent risk over trades.

Can i share your recommendation to others?

Subscription is valid only for the personal use. One need to have a writtern persision from eqsis and sebi research analyst licence to share the calls to others. 

Do you refund or moneyback offer?

We do not commit /guarantee on the performance of the calls provided by eqsis. Meanwhile our charges are minimal and we simply provide the ideas looking good to us. Hence we don’t encourage any refund policy.