When can a beginner start trading in the stock market?

As a beginner, you must understand that how you learn the basics of the stock market determines how quickly you can start trading in the market. It is very tempting for a beginner to open the trading app on their mobile device and start trading immediately. But this approach will not help beginners to make consistent profits in the stock market over the long run.

Beginners must understand that stock trading is not very difficult to learn. If you choose to learn a stock trading course that has properly structured content, daily practice, and timely mentor support, you will be able to start trading within 30 days.

The Way You Learn Is Important

The way you learn about the stock market determines how quickly you can begin trading in the market.

Self-learning Vs Learning from experts

There are a lot of free resources available to learn about the market. But most of the time beginners get misguided by false information available on the internet. In the beginning, stage, if you learn false concepts about the stock market, it will become very difficult to unlearn those trading concepts in later years. So, you will continue to have false concepts in your mind.

The self-learning route may be a challenging way of learning about the stock market if you are an absolute beginner.

And it may take 2-3 years for you to learn the right concepts and make your trade profitable.

EQSIS teaches universally accepted concepts for beginners. With the EQSIS stock training program, you will receive personalized attention during the course. You can clarify all your doubts directly with the instructor.

Taking the EQSIS stock market course will allow you to start your trading journey within 30 days, with full confidence and the necessary knowledge.

Theoretical Learning Vs Practical Learning

Learning only theoretical concepts with no proper practical approach will give you no results in the stock market. To gain practical experience, beginners should have proper hands-on experience in using various tools, scanners, and filters with dedicated post-training support.

Without practical experience, the learning process will become incomplete. So, if you don’t have all these necessary things, you will not get any conviction to start trading in the stock market.

Trading in the stock market is a continuous process. You need an expert or mentor to guide you and give you regular feedback to improve your trading process.

EQSIS stock training courses offer a variety of quizzes, scanners, filters, and post-training support with timely advice from experts so that beginners can learn smoothly. EQSIS’s way of teaching is best suited to beginners.

Time taken to start trading professionally

Time Learning Style
Within 30 days EQSIS stock market course
6 months to 2 years Self-learning with high discipline and properly structured content
2-3 years Through free resources online. (Can be misled by false information online)



If you are a beginner, you can join the EQSIS stock training course which will help you to learn the basics of the stock market from scratch. Beginners will also get access to the dedicated portal for post-training support which includes quizzes, tasks, scanners, filters, live simulators, etc.

By joining EQSIS a beginner can learn and begin his trading journey within 30 days.

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Published Date: November 28, 2022
Author: EQSIS

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