Value Investing Course

Learn fundamental analysis and know how to create wealth through value investing.

6 Week Course

April 2024 - Weekend Batch


Basics to Advance

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Course Content


Value Investing & Wealth Creation

The key factor for this humongous wealth creation lies in understanding compounding. Here you will understand why compounding is a necessary prerequisite for generational wealth creation.


Understanding Financial Statements

There is no way you can select fundamentally great companies unless you know how to read all three statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow statement). Here you will learn how to analyze all three financial statements.


Business Efficiency Through Ratio Analysis

Here you will learn to differentiate between less efficient and more efficient companies through key ratios with real-life examples. This includes profitability ratios, cash flow ratios, and solvency ratios. 


Insightful Annual Report Reading

The annual report of a company consists of tons of data. But most people ignore it because of its size (200-400 pages). You will learn, what are the key factors to look into an annual report with a real-life examples.


Valuation framework

Buying a great company is just one part of the equation. Buying a great company at low valuations is necessary for the accelerated compounding of your wealth. Understating the valuation framework helps in finding blue-chip and multi-bagger.


Activities and Case Studies

Applying Warren Buffett’s Principle of Investing helps the participants to take actionable decisions. Detecting companies with non-transperent and inconsistent records help investors to stay away from the traps.

Art of Building Great portfolio

Creating a portfolio is like creating a cricket team; you must need a batsman, bowler fielder, and all-rounder. Similarly, in your portfolio, you must include many aggressive stocks and defensive stocks. Here you will learn how to construct a portfolio that can last for decades.

30 Days Practice Workflow

It will be 1 hour per day and can be done at any time. This includes 5 quizzes to recollect the concepts, and 10 tasks for stock selection by applying various ratio and valuation metrics and decoding the quarterly earnings of companies. All the tasks will be reviewed by the trainer and community.

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