All You Need To Know For Profitable Share Trading On September 26, 2018

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NIFTY resumed decline after a day breather ahead of expiry of September derivative contracts Updated 6:25 pm How well the EQSIS recommendations performed today 26 September? Market Sentiment: We concluded the market sentiment as volatile as market opened higher and grinding lower in the first hour of trade. 1. EQSIS Intra: Long GAIL above 376.8 Target [...]

Shares for stock trading tomorrow 24 April | Bonus Q4 report

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NIFTY daily update NIFTY rose for the second straight day, clocking the highest level since Feb. The 50-share NSE index NIFTY rose 0.28% to settle at 10614.35 on Tuesday. The Indian benchmark NIFTY rose to their highest level since Feb powered by strong gains in financial and energy stocks, but metal stocks capped the gains following [...]

Top stocks to watch on Monday 9 April

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Daily stock market roundup NIFTY clocks best weekly gains to ignite the corporate earnings season rally. The 50-share NSE index NIFTY posted a weekly gain of 2% and settled at 10331.60 on Friday. The Indian benchmark index NIFTY advanced for the second week in a row and registered some best weekly gains in over two months.  The [...]

BUDGET TALK: How Budget impacted the market on 01-02-2018?

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NIFTY recovered sharply after crashing on the back of Long-term capital gains tax announcement. Some sectors have gained after Arun Jaitley’s budget 2018 speech in parliament.Healthcare: Shares of hospital operators and insurance companies rose after government proposed a major step towards providing National Health Protection Scheme.Stocks to watch: Apollo Hospital Ltd 4.1%, Healthcare Global Enterprises [...]