Not just educational,
Get stock trading experience

Experiential learning process is rewarding and it has tangible results the trader can immediately recognize.

How  Experiential learning can improve your trades?

Stock trading mentorship program helps the trader to overcome the practical difficulties. 

Learning is your first step in your trading journey. But to advance further practice is essential. If you are looking for coach to guide you personally in finding trade with technical analysis, join our mentorship program.

Key Benefits

Why it works?

After training over 2500 people, we know what next you need to succeed in trading stocks.

Practice makes you experienced

It’s not about how many technical indicators, patterns or option strategy you learned. Rather how many times you have practiced it. Remember trading success is not just depends on knowledge, it also need your emotional balance.

People learn, but don't practice

We see most of the trader tends to learn the concepts, but they don’t practice them consistently. Technical analysis is an artistic research can be mastered only by practice like how we learn painting.

Practice need commitment, not just interest

Curiosity or an interest is enough to learn trading, but to practice it we need a lot more commitment. Sometimes you may need a coach to motivate.


An effective Practice needs a road map

Our practice modules show you where to start so you won’t waste time doing unnecessary things. We have an adequate infrastructure to advance you. 

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Now you can try on your own with in-person guidance from the expert. This is what you need to gain confidence in stock trading 


Stock Trading Mentorship – Agenda

Activity 1

Introduction of Concepts

Here, we’ll start from scratch, breaking down the basics of trading and technical analysis. It’s like laying the foundation for your trading knowledge.


Build foundational knowledge for trading.


Understand essential concepts confidently.

    Activity 2

    See How We Use It in Real Life

    We’ll take a peek into the real world of trading. Think of it as seeing textbook theories in action, showing you how they’re applied in real market situations.


    Gain clarity by observing your mentor’s demonstrations

    Activity 3

    Perform the Activity

    Time to get your hands dirty! We’ll jump into practical exercises where you’ll actually apply what you’ve learned. It’s like learning to ride a bike by actually riding it.


    Gain practical experience through active participation.

    Activity 4

    Utilize Analytical Tools

    Now, we’ll provide you with valuable tools such as scanners and filters. These tools are designed to enhance your market analysis capabilities.


    Get faster with advanced scanners, filters, and strategy builders.

    Activity 5

    Test Them with Simulators

    We’ll give you a safe playground to practice your trading strategies. It’s like a flight simulator for traders, where you can make mistakes without losing real money.


    Practice trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

    Activity 6

    Get It Reviewed by Your Mentor

    You’ll have a seasoned mentor to guide you. They’ll review your trades and give you tips, just like having a coach to help you improve your trades.


    Receive personalized feedback & guidance from experienced mentors

    Activity 7

    Take the Assessment

    Time to check what you’ve learned! It’s like doing real trading tasks, helping you see what you’ve mastered and what you can improve on.


    Identify strengths and gain clarity on your skills

    Activity 8

    Trade Consistently Using Simulator

    We’ll help you build discipline by practicing regularly in a simulated environment. It’s like practicing free throws in basketball until you nail them every time.


    Develop discipline and consistency through regular practice.

    Activity 9

    Go Live with Real Money

    Finally, it’s time to take what you’ve learned into the real market. But don’t worry, we’ll start small and build up. It’s like taking your training wheels off and riding the real trading bike for the first time.


    Transition from simulated trading to live market conditions.

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    Key Benefits


    In Person Review

    You will be having mentors almost around you in assisting your activity.


    Step by step road map

    We have clear agenda and protocol to deliver this mentorship program.


    Working with simulator

    Try finding pattern using our simulator. Here in short span of time you can check you proficiency at various levels. 


    Real time market study

    This will help you to connect the dots and bridge the gap. With us you may do this activity with lot more confidence.


    What happens in our Mentorship Program?

    Here you may not learn, rather it is more about practicing the concepts learned.


    Here you get clarity in stock analysis.


    You can overcome practical difficulty


    You gain confidence by applying them in markets


    It is different from training program

    If you’re new to stock trading and analysis, it’s beneficial to learn gradually through practical experience rather than just a few days of theoretical lectures.