Technical Analysis Course

Learn various technical patterns to identify the trading opportunities.

12 February 2023

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Full Day)

Limited Seats - Max 15/Batch

1 Day Training + 15 Days Practice

Training Fees: Rs.5000

February 12, 2023


For Intermediate Level

Limited to 15 Members

Classroom (Chennai) & Online

+91 8925077790

Course Content


Dow Theory in Detail

Duration: 45 Mins

This section makes the participants derive the demand and supply from the price and trading volume. This helps the traders to better understand the current market trend. It can be used by both traders and investors.


Price Patterns and Market Characteristics

Duration: 45 Mins

Here you will learn various price patterns such as double top, double bottom, head and shoulder, cup pattern, flag, and triangle. This helps in understanding the characteristics of demand and supply.

Candlestick Analysis for Swing Trading

Duration: 45 Mins 

The candlestick analysis is widely used to understand the short-term price behavior. This includes engulfing, piercing, doji, hammer, and shooting star patterns. In general, it helps us to acknowledge the key reversal points.

Gap Analysis and its relevance

Duration: 45 Mins

Here you will learn the four types of gaps such as area gap, breakout gap, runaway gap, and exhaustion gap. The behaviors of the gap differ as per the current market condition. This helps us in validating the ongoing trend.

Practice: Pattern recognition

Duration: 45 Mins

Every participant will be asked to spot some true and false patterns. This helps them to connect the concepts with the charts.

Identification of Stock for Near Term Trading

Duration: 45 Mins

Here our participants go through some of the top companies to comment on the current trend, trading opportunities, and trade plan creation.

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Complete Stock Market Course Bundle 



Stock Market Training (2 Days + 30 Days) – Rs.6000


Technical Analysis Course (1 Day + 15 Days) – Rs.5000


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Starts on February 04, 2023


Beginner Friendly

Classroom (Chennai) & Online

Limited to 15 Members

+91 9500077790

Convenience and Flexibility

Can I reschedule after the registration?

Yes! You can change your training dates. But kindly provide us the prior information about your availability.

What if I miss a specific course?

If you miss a program, you can attend on the next available date. We schedule new batches every month.

Will I get videos post-training to recollect?

Yes! We have dedicated videos for every course to recollect the concepts discussed during the class.

How hard is the post-training activity?

Each task and quiz is designed to ensure that you fully understand the concepts from the course. Its take 1 – 2 hour /day to complete.

Still, Have Questions?

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