Practice Instruction Video

Day 11: Practice Dow Theory

Part A: Identify and Post Bullish Trend Using Dow Theory

Part B: Identify and Post Bearish Trend Using Dow Theory

Day 12 : Practice Double Top

Part A: Spot Double Bottom

Part B: Identify Double Top

Day 13 : Practice Head and Shoulder or Cup pattern

Part A: Head and Shoulder

Part B: Cup pattern

Day 14: Practice Flag pattern

Part A: Identify Bullish Flag

Part B: Identify Bearish Flag

Day 15: Practice Triangle pattern

Part A: Triangle Bullish Breakout

Part B: Triangle Bearish Breakout

Day 16: Practice Engulfing pattern

Part A: Bullish Engulfing 

Part B: Bearish Engulfing

Day 17: Practice Piercing pattern

Part A: Bullish Piercing

Part B: Bearish Piercing

Day 18: Practice Star / Doji pattern

Part A: Morning Star

Part B: Evening Star

Day 19: Practice Hammer / Hanging Man

Part A: Hammer Pattern

Part B: Hanging man Pattern

Day 20: Practice Area Gap

Part A: Area Gap without Volume

Part B: Area Gap with Volume

Day 21: Practice Breakout Gap

Part A: Breakout Gap РFilled

Part B: Breakout Gap Unfilled

Day 22: Practice Runaway & Exhaustion Gap

Part A: Runaway Gap

Part B: Exhaustion Gap

Day 23: Practice Technical Indicators

Part A: Moving Average

Part B: Relative Strength Indicator

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