Option Trading Course

Learn to Optimize Risk Adjusted Returns

Option trading isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can create your own option strategy by maximising risk adjusted returns. With EQSIS option trading workshop, you will discover various ways of making money in derivative markets.


An exclusive option trading workshop


Learn from basics to advance in an interactive session


Learn to use derivative market data to support your technical analysis


Develop live option strategy using actual market in classroom discussion


Post training guidance for your next 20 strategies

Two full days on Weekends

An exclusive training for option traders for two full days with post training support for your next 20 live option strategy.


Basics to Advance

Get introduced with basics of derivative market. It makes the ground clear to learn advance strategies.

Updated Content

We keep updating the content to stay relevant to the recent changes like weekly expiry, physical settlement, etc.,


Live Practice

In classroom discussion with live strategy development exercise. Get instant feedback to overcome difficulties.

20 Live Strategy

Post training, you may need us for a while to develop strategies for your trading. We offer complete guidance.

Workshop Schedule


March 14 and 15


Lower Parel, Mumbai

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It’s now or never.

The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action. 

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Course Content

Not sure how to get started with option trading. Our training module can transform you to become a professional option trader.


Basic of derivative Markets

  • Here you learn what is futures, call and put options.
  • Get introduced with speculation, hedging and arbitrage.
  • This session can make you understand the terminologies used in the derivative markets. Such as Intrinsic value, time value, strike price, ITM, OTM, ATM, Settlement types etc.
  • Understanding option payoff table for both long and short positions in all the derivative instruments.
  • Get introduced with the basics of option Greeks.

Day 1 – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Understanding various option strategies

  • Here you learn the predefined trading strategies to maximize the return for the various market scenarios.
  • Bullish Strategy – Long Call, Bull call spread, covered call and bull put spread.
  • Bearish Strategy – Long Put, Bear call spread, covered put and bear put spread.
  • Neutral / Volatile strategy – Straddle, strangle, iron condor.
  • Calendar spreads, back spread and ratios.

Day 1 – 01:30 PM to 5:00PM


Developing real time option strategies

  • Here you can customize the trading strategies using actual current market data for the realistic market scenario.
  • This includes weekly strategy, index and stock options.
  • You will attempt at-least three strategies and overcome the practical difficulties.
  • You will also learn the risk management technique for position sizing.
  • Learn the art of managing risk of option writing.

Day 2 – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Open interest & option chain analysis

  • Premium and Discount – near term market indication.
  • Understanding the various strike price and its scope of making money.
  • Option chain analysis – High OI strike, High Premium ATM, High Call Premium vs Put Premium.
  • FII open interest analysis.
  • Option strategy using RSI Indicator & Gap Analysis.
  • Implied Volatility – Art of naked writing options

Day 2 – 1:30  AM to 5:00 PM

Limited Batch Size

We limit our batch size to 20 participants to provide the maximum space for participants to interact with us.

About Trainer

Our classroom training program are delivered by Mr.Valarmurugan who is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst.

Top Rated

5 star rated option training institute. Over 1600 participants have rated us with 5 star at various public portal.


AN Exclusive Option Training

This training gives an adequate knowledge on derivative instruments and its application. It helps an option trader to form an effective strategy. 


If you are looking to learn or trade in futures and options, we recommend this training. There is no prerequisite knowledge on futures and option to undertake this training module. But remember it is an exclusive training on futures and option, hence we may not brief general market terms and technical analysis.

The person who meet the below criteria can find this module very useful.


At least one month of trading experience


Should have basics understanding on general market terms like long, short, bullish, bearish, Nse, Nifty etc.,


Should have basics understanding on support and resistance zone.

Choose the best training module for you


All IN ONE - Stock Market Training for Beginner

If you are willing to learn from scratch, you better choose our beginners module. We highly recommend EQSIS stock market training for a beginner. There you get chance to learn right from general terms, analysis and futures and option.

An Exclusive Training on Option Trading

This training module is meant for an existing trader who wants to learn or upgrade the option trading skill. Professional option trader maximize the returns for the risk taken. Here you learn various option trading strategies and  art of find the right strike price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn option trading from EQSIS?

At EQSIS you learn the concepts with simple examples and live demonstrations. Although derivative markets are complex in nature, at EQSIS we make it easier to learn them. We have trained over 2500 participants in all the experience level.

Who should attend the EQSIS option trading course?

Although beginner can understand the futures and options at eqsis training, to use them in trading we recommend criteria such as one month trading experience, basics understanding on technical analysis and trading capital over Rs.500,000

What will be the mode of training?

EQSIS option training is delivered in a classroom mode as it an very interactive session. We currently offer this training in Chennai and Mumbai. 

When is your next option training?

We conduct this training once in a month. Generally scheduled on weekends. To find the upcoming schedule and venue, visit www.eqsis.com

How practical it will be?

You will find the right balance in explaining the concepts and developing realistic option strategies. Almost every participant will develop minimum of three trading strategies. You will also overcome the practical difficulties while developing strategies on own.  

Does this option training includes open interest analysis?

Yes, open interest data is from derivative market. This quantitative study can help you to understand the near term market expectation.

Does it cover weekly option strategy?

Yes, NIFTY and BANKNIFTY weekly option strategy is also covered in this training. We believe it provide frequent trading opportunities for active option trader.

Will you cover option chain analysis and implied volatility?

The quantitative analysis is also the part of the program. The option chain analysis is useful to time the short term market trend and Implied volatility can help option writers to find expensive strike.

Do you cover option Greeks?

You will understand the term Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega and its practical use. This may help you to assess the option premium with the change in spot price, time and volatility