Intraday Trading Course

Get trained to become  a professional day trader

25 July 2023

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Full Day)

Available Slots - 13 out of 15

1 Day Training + 15 Days Practice

Training Fees: Rs.5000

25 July 2023


For Intermediate Level

Classroom (Chennai) & Online

+91 8925077790

Course Content

This day trading course consists of one full day of training and 15 days of online practice.


Introduction to Intraday Trading

Duration: 45 Mins

This provides you with a focus on what is needed to become a successful intraday trader. It includes risk management techniques.


Stock Selection: Pre-Market Analysis

Duration: 45 Mins

Here the stock selection technique is explained with the day or weekly momentum. This includes EOD stock scanners, OI analysis, candlestick analysis, and RSI.

Stock Selection: Top-Down Approach

Duration: 45 Mins 

Here you understand the market sentiment analysis, sectorial analysis, and stock section criteria. This helps traders to find momentum stocks in under 1 min.

Stock Selection: Intraday Scanner

Duration: 45 Mins

Some basic intraday filters are explained in this section. This includes stock selection by price filter, volume filter, and relative analysis.

Trade Plan Creation

Duration: 45 Mins

Here you learn to define entry, target, and stop-loss. This includes why breakout trades, how to trade on retracements, and trading on overbought or oversold zones.

NIFTY & BANKNIFTY: Trading Strategy

Duration: 45 Mins

Here you get some insights on how to trade in index futures. This includes finding market direction using index relative analysis and trade plan creation using market structure.

Intraday Filter: Back Testing Results

Duration: 45 Mins

Here we share the backtesting process with some of our observations. At EQSIS we have over 1.25cr data points collected every one min of 100 stocks for the period of 2 years.

Practicing Using Simulator

Duration: 1 Hour

Using EQSIS workflow and intraday simulator participants get a chance to find intraday trading opportunities. This will be done using actual data but back-dated.

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Complete Stock Market Course Bundle 



Stock Market Training (2 Days + 30 Days) – Rs.6000


Technical Analysis Course (1 Day + 15 Days) – Rs.5000


Intraday Analysis Course (1 Day + 15 Days) – Rs.5000


Option Trading Course (1 Day + 30 Days) – Rs.5000


Value Investing Course (1 Day + 15 Days) – Rs.5000


Rs.26000 Rs.14000 (Save Rs.12000)

Starts on June 10, 2023


Beginner Friendly

Classroom (Chennai) & Online

Limited to 15 Members

Convenience and Flexibility

Can I reschedule after the registration?

Yes! You can change your training dates. But kindly provide us the prior information about your availability.

What if I miss a specific course?

If you miss a program, you can attend on the next available date. We schedule new batches every month.

Will I get videos post-training to recollect?

Yes! We have dedicated videos for every course to recollect the concepts discussed during the class.

How hard is the post-training activity?

Each task and quiz is designed to ensure that you fully understand the concepts from the course. Its take 1 – 2 hour /day to complete.

Still, Have Questions?

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