Fundamental analysis is a method of studying stocks by evaluating both macro and micro economics. This includes quantitative and qualitative research. Here we discuss fundamental methods in details

How to find companies for investing

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                          How to find companies for investing? The first law of capitalism says that competition is inevitable. In a capitalistic environment, if a company is earning huge amount of money in a certain industry, then it is indirectly giving a welcome invitation to [...]

Pathways for valuing the company

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Pathways for valuing the company Finding values in businesses have been the key job for investors in the stock market. There are various kinds of pathways from which one can find the underlying value of the business. Investors have to be very clear in what pathway to use to uncover the true value of the [...]

How to make good decisions?

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How to make good decisions? Decision -Uncertainty, Risks and Bias The tactics for making good decisions each time in our investments journey remains an unsolved mystery. Good decision makings require thoughtful analysis of the problems and evaluating future probable outcomes. One of the most important things one should remember while taking critical decisions is ‘You [...]

Does Growth Creates Value?

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Does Growth Creates Value? Investors reward growing companies, managers are compensated for growing sales and executives target growing market for future expansion. “Growth” has been and will be “investing Mantra” for investors in India and Huge Wealth is waiting to be created by the investors in India…. but wait we all know that story doesn’t [...]