Which institute is best for learning stock trading for beginners?

Choosing the best institute to learn stock trading is the first important step you take as a beginner. Self-learning is quite a tedious process. You require extreme discipline, a proper self-learning curve, and an unbiased self-review system to make real progress in the stock market. If you associate with the right stock market training institute, all the work will be properly managed by the institute itself. It starts with streamlining your complete learning curve and then reviewing your work on a regular basis.

Selection criteria for the best stock training institute


On the one hand, we have a training institute that provides many free training programs. Most free programs are designed to sell trading accounts, trading tips and software. Hence it is marketing in nature.

On the other hand, some institutes offer courses at very high or unfair prices. They claim to have a secret formula in their training. Most of such training programs are not backed up by proper research.

As a beginner, if you want to select a stock market training institute based on the pricing, we recommend selecting any stock market training institute that offers a pricing band in the range of Rs 10000 to Rs 20000.

EQSIS offers a basics stock market training course at a very affordable price of Rs 6000. Also offers an all-in-one bundle course at just Rs 14000.

Course Content

Choose those institutes that teach universally accepted content for beginners. Avoid any institute that promises to teach you a secret formula if you are a beginner; instead, choose institute which teaches universally accepted concepts. Most of the time, these secret methods will have biased content and not be time-tested in the market. These magic methods may work sometimes in the market, but they will not work all the time in the market.

EQSIS stock trading course content covers only the time-tested and universally accepted concepts.

Reviews and Ratings

A stock market training institute’s reviews and ratings serve as the primary indicator of the customer’s satisfaction level. In some cases, institutes create fake positive reviews. This is done, in order to promote their institute in Google searches. Make sure you read each and every review to get an idea of the quality of training offered by the institute. As a beginner, make sure you choose a training institute with the highest number of reviews backed by the highest ratings.

Check out google reviews to know why EQSIS is the Top-rated stock market training institute. EQSIS has over 1900 reviews and 1700+ five-star ratings.

Post-training support

The majority of stock training programs provide post-training support, such as lifetime support, stock tip recommendations, and trading rooms for everyone. But all these features will not solve the actual problem for beginners. These words are merely used for marketing purposes to attract you to those institutions. A proper stock training institute will provide clear guidance until you are able to select the right stocks independently. They also provide necessary post-training videos, daily assignments, scanners, filters, and premium tools with a dedicated portal to ask your doubts and get it clarified by the instructor very smoothly and quickly.

EQSIS gives special importance to post-training support by providing videos to recollect course content, live market simulators, daily activities, and weekly review by trainers.

Most of EQSIS participants appreciated the post-training support in their reviews.

Batch size

The ideal batch size is 15 – 20 which enable participation, group discussions and individual attention.

Some institutes have a large batch size or undisclosed. You will not get the chance to ask your questions directly to the instructor because of overcrowding. The distance between the instructor and the learners will be very high. You will not get any kind of individual attention. So, it is not recommended for the beginners.

EQSIS stock training institutes, which offer batch sizes of 15, is highly recommended for beginners.


If you intend to get a job in the financial market or do MBA in financial markets. You can choose either NISM certifications or NCFM certifications courses.

But most of the concepts taught here would be theoretical knowledge with not much emphasis on practical knowledge. If your intention is to trade on your own, you must choose stock trading institutes that are more towards delivering practical knowledge.

EQSIS stock training institute offers both practical knowledge and certifications.

Comparison of Various sock training institutes


Pricing Curriculum Reviews and Rating Post training support Certifications
EQSIS Value for money Best for beginners Top Rated at 4.7 star with 2000+ reviews An Exclusive Platform (Primer/Workflows) to provide support. Course completion certificate
NISM Value for money Theoretical knowledge No ratings No support NISM certificates
UDEMY Cheap Too many courses Below average ratings No support Course completion certificate
Zerodha Varsity Cheap Self-learning No ratings Only community support No certifications
Angelone Cheap Below average Rated at 4.8 with very low reviews Merely no support Course completion certificate
OTA Premium Advanced Rated at 4.8 star with moderate


Generally, through emails Paid certificate


Final Verdict

If you are a complete beginner in the stock market and willing to learn the basics of stock trading. And you want to trade on your own with the support of an experienced stock trading institute. You can choose EQSIS without hesitation.

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Published Date: November 28, 2022
Author: EQSIS

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