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As a beginner you will surely have this question in mind: whether to begin by trading in the share market or to begin with commodity trading? We would suggest go with share trading. Here are some reasons why:

# 1 Easy to understand and analyze

Information needed for analysis regarding the Indian companies is easily available. Hence you can start analyzing and understanding trends easily. Whereas, data and information related to commodities is not so easily available. Also the Indian Commodity market follows the International Commodity Market combined with currency pricing. So as a beginner, you will have to understand both the International Commodity Market and the Currency Pricing trends and models, which will be a little difficult at the start.

# 2 Need not undergo panic

If you are a fulltime trader, more often than not the market fluctuations would impact you deeply. You will have to face many moments of panic and tension, as your income becomes entirely dependent on the stock market and your immediate choices. As an experienced trader you would be fully equipped to handle this, but as a fresher into the markets it may be a very daunting task.

Start as a part-time trader, learn about the markets, gain profits, and if you feel strongly about it become a fulltime trader. Remember, no matter what kind of a trader you are, the ultimate aim is to be a successful money making trader!


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Published Date: November 10, 2014
Author: EQSIS

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