A comprehensive guide on how to make money in stock market.

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how to make money in stock market

A comprehensive guide on how to make money in stock market.

Stock market is one such place where the lives of many families have totally changed financially. Some shiver upon hearing the name of stock market and some rejoice. The people who shiver are the once who have lost money in the share market and the people who rejoice are the once who have earned money in the stock market. What made some people to earn money and some people to lose money? Is it luck? Is it fate? No.. It is because they know ‘How to Make Money in Stock Market.’  After reading this post you will get a clear idea of investing in stocks and how to make money in stocks.

  • Avoid using the mob mentality.

As far as investing in stocks is concerned the investor’s decision is heavily influenced by the actions of his relatives, friends and colleagues who are into stock investing. Most of the amateurs or beginners who don’t know how to invest in stocks follow the mob mentality and blindly invest in what majority of the people are investing in. This is bound to backfire in the long-run and eventually you will lose money in the share market.  Warren Buffett was not wrong when he said “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” So first and foremost get trained and be aware of how to invest in share market to minimize the chance of risk and losing money.

  • Trade with utmost discipline.

Investing in shares is not an easy task, and if you are investing to become rich overnight then this is not your cup of tea. Patience and persistence is the key for making money in stock market.  Trade with discipline and never try to time the market. Investing in the right share at the right time is very important. Even in the greatest bull runs there are events of panic movements and traders who lose patience tend to lose money in the bullish market also. Trade with utmost discipline will yield you the best returns in the long run. As a beginner you are bound to have many myths pertaining to stock markets click here to clear those myths at once.

  • Make the trend your best friend.

Always be sure you never take decision opposing the market trend, doing so will be the greatest mistake and your hard earned money will get lost. It the market sentiments are bullish then you go for long position trades, if the market sentiments are bearish then you for short position trades. This simple formula will help you making money in the stock market.


  • Get updated with the news.

For you to become a successful stock trader it is very much essential to be updated with the news. A trader should always start his day with catching up with the news as the capital market never sleeps. Doing this practice for an intraday trader would be very much helpful as there are lot of chances for overnight happenings which would affect the next day’s trade. Moreover it is important to stay updated with the quarterly monetary policy updates and quarterly results of the company as such news items can create a temporary rift in the market.

  • Track the global indices.

The best way to predict the market movement of NSE and BSE is to track the movements of Asian, European and US markets. Global indices play a very major role for predicting the market sentiments, analyzing and studying this can be very helpful to decide the trade positions. This is very much important for the intraday traders to make money in the markets. but sometimes it is not correct to just bet on global indices. Sometimes inspite of the bullish trend in global indices, NSE and BSE may be bearish this is because of the domestic cues in play.

  • Don’t let your emotion influence your decision making.

Majority of the investors have lost their money in the stock market because of two emotions fear and greed.  Amateurs entering the stock market would have heard the success stories of making quick bucks in the stock market, this makes them greedy to earn money which provokes them to take wrong decisions and lose their hard earned money in no time. On the other end when the markets are on the bearish side then in the fear of losing money the investors sell the shares at a rock bottom price. This is why being rational is very important when it comes to stock trading.

  • Investing only the surplus money.emotions-in-stock-market

This will not help you in making money through stocks but this will save you from getting broke. Invest only the surplus amount of money which you would have saved for stock trading, never ever try to disturb your cash flow. Being able to manage your finances is more important so manage your wealth wisely or get ready to land in a big time financial trouble.

To conclude.

Making money with stocks is never an easy task. It takes patience and persistence to earn money from stock market. Trading with discipline and knowledge can help you to earn money in the stock market and also minimize your chances of loss. EQSIS can help you with professional training in stock trading and analysis, this would be your stepping stone to enter the share market can earn some extra income to make yourself financially secure in the long run.

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Published Date: June 10, 2016
Author: Valarmurugan

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