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    Technical analysis is a ready made analysis which can be read easily.There are two types of technical analysis moving average, relative strength index.

    Moving average is effective in trending period

    Relative strength index is effective in non-trending period


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    Technical indicators are algorithm and are ready made analysis used to assist and reduce human job. There are indicators used during the trending period called the moving average and indicators used during the non-trending period is RSI (Relative strength index)

    No algorithm in the world will work every week ever month across the years, so we can use this analysis for making our job easier with the help of other analysis and make money out of it.

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    Indicators are independent trading systems developed, and introduced by successful traders.  Technical indicators is a readymade analysis but not decision makers. There are two types of analysis, one is trending and non trending.

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    Technical indicators are used as an indication to understand the market trend. These are not decision makers.

    1. Moving average

    2. Relative strength index

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    Technical indicator is a mathematical calculation based on previous data (price, volume, etc).

    It is different because it uses previous data to plot another curve (in Moving Average) or show a region (in RSI), etc, whereas in other analysis, the trader has to analyse from previous data.

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