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     R.Durga Prasad 
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    Technical indicators are indicators formed by set of algorithm in a manner which shows the price movement.It is different from Other indicators,since it cannot be believed all the times but it can be used for quick checking purpose.

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    technical indicators is an algorithm and it is easy to identify from other analysis because it is just like a line diagram and classify easily the rend there are two types of technical moving average and relative strength index.

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    Technical indicators, collectively called “technicals”,  are distinguished by the fact that they do not analyze any part of the fundamental business, like earnings, revenues and profit margin. Technical indicators is used most extensively by active traders in the market, as they are designed primarily for analyzing short term price movements..

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    Technical indicator looks to predict the future price levels, or simply the general price direction.

    It is used only by active traders or suitable only for them.

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    Technical Indicator is a result of mathematical calculations based on indications of price and/or volume. The values obtained are used to forecast probable price changes.

    Indicators filter price action with formulas and not direct reflections of the price action as compared to technical analysis. Also most of the data required for Fundamental analysis are not required here.

    Technical indicator as an additional back up tool along with other technical analysis will be useful in predicting the price movement better.

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