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    Dipakk Mehta
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    Technical indicators are signals of the future price movement based on algorithms derived by formulas.

    Apart from the other analyses which involve annual profits, capital, strategies, demand , supply

    technical indicators are mathematical calculations of price and volume. They are not the predictors but signals that are predetermined to enhance the prediction from other analysis.

    Rank: Level 5

    Moving average and RSI are technical indicators.

    S Suresh
    Rank: Level 4

    Using the price and volume when a chart is drafted and with mathematical calculations of moving average and relative strength index, this is called technical indicators and it is different from other analysis as it is based on the trending price and volume and not of the previous days or weeks.

    Rajesh kumar
    Rank: Level 3

    Technical indicator is a mathematical calculation based on previous data (price, volume, etc).It is different because it uses previous data to plot another curve (in Moving Average) or show a region (in RSI), etc, whereas in other analysis, the trader has to analyse from previous data.

    Praveen M
    Rank: Level 4

    Technical indicators are mathematical calculations based on previous data.

    It uses mathematical calculation of previous data to plot another curve(in Moving average) or show an area(RSI), whereas in other methods the trader has to analyse based on previous data.

Viewing 5 posts - 211 through 215 (of 225 total)
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