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    What is called technical indicators? How it is different from other analysis?

    Abirami Duraisamy
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    Indicators are tools with the predefined analysis and set of algorithms, this can be applied on the trend to get the indication of price movement. It can be used as supporting tool to confirm the analysis derived from the technical analysis. But the indicators does not work in all scenarios, some of them work for trending and some of them indicate well in non trending zone.

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    Technical Indicator is a result of mathematical calculations based on indications of price and/or volume. The values obtained are used to forecast probable price changes.

    Indicators filter price action with formulas and not direct reflections of the price action as compared to technical analysis.

    Therefor we can use the technical indicator as an additional tool along with other technical analysis to confirm the price movement.

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    Technical indicators are algorithm representative of price and volume. It is different from other technical analysis because it does involve demand and supply.

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    Tech indicators are formed by purely numbers with out taking into account of any data which are basically required for fundamental/ technical analysis
    Hence technical indicators can ONLY be used as a SECONDARY TOOL along with the primary tools of technical analysis
    However technical analysis packed by technical indicators will ENHANCE the chance of success much more

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 225 total)
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