Advisory Services

Hello Trader, make better trading decisions with EQSIS Assist
Intraday Trading Recommendations

Here you get a stock which is good for intraday buy and sell. Traders can save time and money with us.

  • In-depth research backed by SEBI registered research analyst.
  • Timely notification for better executions of trades.
  • Blend of technology helps us to process more information.
  • Simple yet actionable recommendation. Always unbaised
Long Term Investing

Get the investment recommendation and reminder to invest directly in the stock market. Investment process will no more difficult.

  • A smarter and simpler way to invest in stocks.
  • Simplified investment process. In just 3 clicks you make your investments.
  • Save Cost by directly investing in equities over mutual funds.
  • You get good quality stocks and best practice to diversify your portfolio.