Intraday trading is where less risk is involved with less profit. A analytical process helps in solving the intraday process.

  • : In Intraday the trader enters and exit the trade within a day. The settlement is done in one day In Positional analysis trader enters the trade in a day and trades for more than just a day may be even for a week. Settlement is done for more than a day.
  • : It is necessary to close the intraday position on the same day. Or else the after market hours when the exchange checks our account and find that intraday position is not closed the broker is held responsible and they will close the position on our behalf and the charges will be added on our account
  • : The ideal time is between 10 a.m to 2.00 p.m . First hour trading can be avoided for confusions and commotion
  • : Yes for intraday trading it is important to take a note of Global markets because they are one of the factors affecting Indian markets. Also each market opens at different time zones so it is necessary to note the global markets
  • : For positional trading the main requirement is capital and time. So analytical method is not necessary .Intraday trading involves within a day so certain methods are followed for lower risk
  • : A top down approach is followed Find the market direction that is whether it is in positive or negative or neutral Pick out the neutral to positive sector Then Choose the companies based on Price wise and Turnover wise from the selected sector

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