• The gap occurs in a continuation trend by creating a panic in the trend. It has normal volume. The gap did not get filled in the nearby future

  • A breakout gap was witnessed and then the trend reversal took place.

  • The area gap was noticed within the trading range with low volume and the area was being filled later.

  • A Hammer pattern was witnessed in infosys with relatively high volume having lower tail with almost double of its body size. The hammer pattern clearly depicts that there will be trend reversal so the entry point

  • A doji pattern was observed in TCS with a trend reversal. The doji pattern was followed by high volume. The long position can be done as trend reversal is confirmed also the doji was not moving sideways so it can

  • A downtrend was noticed with a bearish candle covering the previous trend almost above 50% with a short upper tail. The trend reversal was found so a long position can be taken . The entry point was just after

  • A steady fall in price was witnessed which clearly indicated a bearish candle trend. The bullish candle engulfed the previous bearish candle. The entry price was 1450.4 and Stop loss was 1425.1. 

  • A triangle pattern was witnessed in Bosch. The support and resistance level is shown in the figure. A breakout happened nearly after crossing half the triangle. Target was fixed with reference to the height of the

  • Am not fully confident about this pattern and its entry points. Please help in finding out the trade plan

  • Thank you for the Response. I will check my mistake and submit another analysis on double bottom

  • A visible cup pattern was witnessed during jan 2021. The pattern took almost a month to form. Immediate rise in price was not visible. But the uptrend continued so long position can be done. The target was kept on

  • A Double bottom pattern was witnessed in Asian paints on 2014 between sep 25 to oct 16. A long position can be called for as the volume was relatively high on point C. The entry point was taken a bit after

  • Witnessed a Higher Bottom and Higher Top with High volume

    Entry 3442.2 ; Stop loss 2920.8 ; Target 3112.2

    At this moment a bearish trend is following, can expect a bearish trend to continue so it is recommended

  • Intraday trading is where less risk is involved with less profit. A analytical process helps in solving the intraday process.

  • Technical indicators are tools that help traders to identify the future price and trend with past trend and price. Relative strength index is used to point out the overbought and oversold shares.

  • Gaps are areas where usually no to little trade takes place. The Gap is associated usually with Volume. Gaps are visible only in candlestick

  • Candlestick patterns like Engulfing , Piercing, Doji, Hammer, Evening star , Morning star candlestick tells the traders a unique way to identify the trend

  • Price patterns like Double top Double bottom Triangle Flag are discussed with their bearish and bullish trends

  • Dow theory is used when we have minimum two years of data. Line chart is helpful in detecting Dow theory’s Condition. High bottom and high top for bullish and Vice Versa is the main condition

  • Line chart, Bar chart, Candlestick charts are here for common users to pick and choose stocks. Technical analysis is an easy job with regards to fundamental analysis

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