The stock market is a place where seller and buyers meet directly to buy and sell their shares owned. India has two major stock exchange indices controlled by sebi regularity bodies. Now everything digitalized and easly accessible so the buyer or seller can do a long term investment and also they can do the trading for a same day , week and for month also

  • : Stock market is a place where buyer and seller meet via stock broker to sell their stocks
  • : We can't ask directly to company for refund or resell the company share. So we need a stock market to buy are sell companies shares one bought
  • : S&p, dow, nasaq, dvx etc, india we have nifty and sensex both of them are indices
  • : Sebi is regularity bodies. Take care of stock exchange indices and share brokers.
  • : Share holder - owns the shares of the company Promoters - who created the company / owner Director - share holder of the company commonly select one person and who's understand management mostly called director of the company
  • : Primary market - public directly buys shares example - ipo through demat account Secondary market - stock market where buyer and seller meets to sell the share that already bought or buy new ones
  • : Ipo - initial public offering. Company will first time list their share to public to buy their shares using a direct demat account
  • : No, it's depends on the company to give dividends
  • : Investment is a long term invest. Trading is for the same day, week or month.
  • : Face value is divided the fund to collected Dividend - the profit shares Bonus - for company gives additional share as a bonus Split - the share further gets split with out confusing the capital
  • : Sensex - Bombay stock exchange indices Nifty - national stock exchange indices
  • : Nse Indiduce online software platform where it becomes more convinent to buy and sell.. So it has become more popular than bse

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