Stock market runs primarily based demand and supply which depends on external factors,company performance ,growth outlook etc.

Investing is buying and holding shares for long time & trading is short term process.

  • : Stockmarket is interface for sellers & buyers,companies.
  • : Every people cannot approach companies for resale of their exisitng share holdings. Stock market primarily need to exchange of shares between buyers and sellers based on supply& demand.
  • : SGX,NASDAQ,Nikkei,DAX. Indian markets primarily consists of indian companies.
  • : its a regulatory body which regulates the activties of companies,brokers etc.
  • : Share holder - owner of particular shares Promoter - one who promotes that company & owning major amount of share director- Employee of company who will be appointed by board of members
  • : Primary market- Company sells share to buyers through initial listing Secondary: Shares exchange between buyers and sellers.
  • : IPO- Initial public offering where company lists its shares for first time to people. Through demat account we have to apply within subscription date.
  • : NO.its upto company to reinvest their profits or give it as dividends.
  • : Investment is for long term where trading can be within a day,week ,months etc.
  • : Face value:its just representation based on no of shares owner divided by total no of shares. Bonus: its bonus shares given by company to existing share holders. Split:its breaking each existing share into multiple new shares without affecting its market capitalization.
  • : Sensex: Bombay stock exchange indices. Nifty: National stock exchange indices.
  • : NSE is nationalized one and it introduced digitalized exchanges where it was conventional in older times.

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