Analyzing stock selection for Intraday trading and how its different from Price patterns Gap ANalysis and candlestick analysis

  • : Intraday Analysis means buying and selling a share on the same day or selling or buying a stock in the same day. We enter and exit our position on the same day, but positional trading is entering and exiting in a span of days or weeks together.
  • : If we dont close our short position on the same day the responsibility of buying back such shares will go to the exchange and hefty charges will be levied as it is sent to the auction market
  • : Before 11pm we can look at the asian markets for our reference and choose our stocks. after 1pm before 2:30 we could trade with the help of the Europe market.
  • : There might be big players such as FII's who might trade in both foreign as well as Indian markets and thus Its important to know the global sentiment
  • : It's because you cannot assess the sentiment or solidify your analysis like you do in positional or swing trading with a 5 minute or 10 Minute or 15 minute chart
  • : 1) Assess how the global Indices are performing. 2) Analyze recent activity of FII's whether they are trying to sell or trying to buy 3) See how Indian Indices are performing (Positive, Negative or Neutral) 4)See the Advance Decline ratio. 5) See the sectoral Indices and decide the best performer be it Bullish or Bearish 6) Open the stock watch and select the ones with the maximum number of change and maximum amount of turnovers combined together 7) Long or short depending on the market i.e., Bullish or Bearish Respectively

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