Gaps are areas where usually no to little trade takes place. The Gap is associated usually with Volume. Gaps are visible only in candlestick

  • : It is an area where no trade has taken place.
  • : Area Gap, Breakout Gap, Runaway Gap, Exhaustion Gap
  • : Gap's are area where the price moves sharply up or down with no or little trading. That is when gap is shown. Overnight trading help to trade after market hours for traders having no time in morning. However it comes with certain risk. Overnight trading helps traders to set limit price order to stocks. If this price isnt reached your order will be cancelled
  • : Area gap occur within the trade range with low volume. Area gap may be filled in near terms
  • : Breakout gap occurs up or down the trend with high volume. It does not get filled up in near terms
  • : A runaway gap is seen when a sudden interest of investors start coming in. It usually occurs in non- trending zone after the downtrend or uptrend is broken. In this Volume is distributed evenly
  • : It is a gap when the trend has come to an end. It covers all the gaps and volume is high

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