Candlestick patterns like Engulfing , Piercing, Doji, Hammer, Evening star , Morning star candlestick tells the traders a unique way to identify the trend

  • : Candlestick are bodies that represent the real time fluctuations of stock price and help users to study and invest accordingly
  • : Forecasting period for candlestick pattern is done for a week or within 4-7 days of time
  • : By volumes traders can identify the trend. If price and volume move in one direction then the trend is bullish If price and volume move in opposite direction then the trend is bearish
  • : For engulfing there should be a recent price fall and the latest bullish body should cover the previous bearish body. As soon as the bearish candles up trends the previous candles ensure to do long
  • : In Piercing pattern it is necessary for the current body to cover atleast 50% of the previous candlestick. Also the upper tail should be small
  • : A doji candle is when the opening price and closing price is almost equal. It means neither the buyers nor the sellers have gained
  • : A morning star is a three candle pattern with a low point middle candle. A morning star candle appears at the end of the downtrend An evening star candle appears at the end of a uptrend and indicates a reversal is going to take place
  • : In a hammer body the lower tail should be min 2 times its body size. It should be green in colour and it’s upper tail should be negligible . Volume should be high during hammer day

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