Venturing in to stock market is like learning swimming. initially you have to get strong on skills by learning basics. Once you get the basics right you’ll gain confidence and more confidence you gain the better swimmer you’ll be. But no matter how good you are you have to take only calculated risk. no more no less

  • : Stock market is a place where the shares of different companies are listed and traded between buyers and sellers. This trading takes place via platforms known as stock exchanges.
  • : Stock markets are essential for democratized and systematic trading process. It also helps companies to raise capital for investment & expansion without any obligation and to generate personal wealth for the individual investors.
  • : NSE (National Stock Exchange) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) NSE’s Stock Index is NIFTY which gives top 50 stock index, whereas BSE’s Stock Index, SENSEX gives top 30 stock index.
  • : The most important role of SEBI is to maintain transparency in the market. SEBI protects investors interest by preventing fraudulent practices and malpractices in trading.
  • : Shareholder are the owners of the company where as promoters are who is deeply involved in building the company and has influence over its functioning. Directors are the persons appointed to direct and supervise the affairs of a company.
  • : In the primary market, companies sell new stocks and bonds to the public for the first time where as in secondary market investors trade previously issued stocks.
  • : IPO is selling of shares to the public in the primary market by a private company for the 1st time. Name : Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts Ltd. Offer Price/Range : 186 Opening Date : 27-06-2022 Closing Date : 29-06-2022 Issue Size : 11.72 Cr
  • : Share holders neither has the right to ask for refund nor for dividends. They can only buy or sell.
  • : Investment is a long term approach where as trading is a short term approach to gain maximum returns through various strategies.
  • : Company issue shares with a defined value is known as Face Value. Where as Dividend refers to a reward, company pays to its share holders either as stock or as cash. a bonus issue is when the company pays its shareholders extra stocks in certain proportion and the stock split is when company split existing stocks. Dividend and bonus benefits the traders as it rewards their holding with extra stock or cash where as split doesn't benefit the investor.
  • : The Sensex, the market index of Bombay Stock Exchange Nifty, a stock market index of the National Stock Exchange
  • : Trading in NSE is much easier as it is much transparent and more digitized than than BSE. And also NSE has more liquidity than BSE, which makes it a better choice to make money.
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