Stock market is a place that we have to use our knowledge to analysis and discipline to trade, first we have to analysis the DEMAND and SUPPLY and the Risk taken for the Rewards.
Following the market is more important
Don’t forecast the market
Don’t see the market in the single point view
We have to see the market in all aspects

  • : it is a type of market, this connects the lots and lots of buyers and sellers bargain and to make the deals of buying and selling the shares. In otherwords stock market is the place is to aggregating the buyers and sellers.
  • : stock market play an important role in the economy of our country and it will show the way to earn people, the interesting fact of stockmarket that I have seen is even a common man is getting a chance to buy a big company like buying that companies shares.
  • : the market is having a set of rules and regulations that are approved by SEBI and this is one of the reason.
  • : SEBI is the securities and exchange board of India, its role is to issue the securities and the main thing is the company which is applying peoples money as their business development that companies should be approved by SEBI.
  • : the shareholders are the owners of the company and provide financial backing in return for potential dividends over the lifetime of the company
  • : Companies offering the IPO and the IPO is buy by the buyer this is known as primary marker later that the IPO shares is solder by the buyer in this time the share will be transfered to a new buyer this is known as secondary market
  • : IPO - Initial public Offering
  • : No share holder has no right to ask for refund, if the company is will to gave the dividend the buyer should get it from the company but thr buyer has not having the right to ask dividend in the company
  • : Investment is the term that we are take the stock and hold it for long duration and the tradeing is by the stock that can be buy and sell in the short span of time
  • : Face value is the value of the stock set by the company, dividend is the amt profit of the company that could be giving to the buyer only by company wish
  • : Sensex - Bombay stock exchange Nifty - National stock exchange
  • : National stock exchange holding counters for more number of companies and creating a common platform for various buyers and sellers

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