1. stock market is a place where it connects buyers and sellers to enable effective and efficient trading.
  2. stock market is regulated by SEBI which controls all the activities in the market.
  3. currently there are two stock exchanges in India they are National Stock Exchange and Bombay
    Stock Exchange
  4. All the companies should be listed with SEBI in order to raise capital through public.
  5. .when company raises capital through public for the first time then it will go for Intial Public Offering.
  6. In primary market public can buy shares directly from the company, while in secondary market
    shares of the company are traded.
    7.the person who buys the shares of the company are called Shareholders and they are considered as the
    owners of the company.
  7. shareholders are entitled to receive profits of the company through dividends
  8. The company may distribute profits as dividend or may reinvest the profit for the growth of the
  9. face value is value of share listed in its books of the company.

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