In this topic we have learned how a trade happens. Terms like long, short, intraday, position trading, etc were learnt. Who is responsible for the one complete process of trading in both buyer and seller perspective. role of buyer and seller in deciding the price of the stock. Why people wants to trade.

  • : Basically buyer place the order to buy share through the broker. Broker in turn execute the order to market. Market is the place where it execute the order of the seller and buyer process.
  • : Exchange will execute the order from the deposit of Certified broker of the client side. In case any problem the order get settled with counter party
  • : By proper analysis, systematic discipline and investment, people can get better return over the period of time when compared to other investment instrument.
  • : You can sell the share in different exchange only after you get your share in your depository. Usually it takes T+2 days and once you get then you can sell
  • : No matter how higher your quoted price of the stock. While executing the order you will purchase only with the last trade price.
  • : Using Demat account place the order through your broker with how many quantity, price, buy or sell. It will be executed within the same day when the market closes by 3:30pm.
  • : Long - Buy the share when market in Up trend Short - Sell the share when market is down trend Long unwinding - selling the share to close long call Short unwinding - buying the share to close the short call
  • : With proper analysis, calculated risk, money management stock trading is a business. If we blindly trade using the luck and time it is gambling
  • : Buyer and seller decides the stock price. When Price quoted by both the buyer and seller meets then trade gets executed.
  • : After buying the shares, if the shares sell within a day is intraday and if the shares gets sold after days then it is position trading
  • : When trader believes that the price might go further down, so he sells the share first. Then he buys with lower price thereby makes a profit. He should make sure that before the market closes on that day he must have shares in his account to fulfill the sell share.
  • : Like any other business plan on should have a plan in trading shares. Its essential because Only then he will know when to place the order or sell also one could know what are all the risk that could be encountered.
  • : Stock price does not bring in money to the company but it play a role in market capitalization. When one gains other has to lose that is the zero sum game.

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