As an investor I look at the stock market as a place to invest and make money in the long run. But we need to follow a disciplined and knowledgeable way to invest securely. I am inspired by Benjamin and Warren Buffett, who have shown that no matter what the stock market is your best bet to make money. It has risks, but the rewards are greater.

  • : A stock market is the amalgamation of buyer and seller of stocks or shares.
  • : It allows companies to raise money by offering stock shares , it also let's the common investor to participate in the financial growth of the company while also making profit themselves.
  • : Commodity market, currency markets. Difference between this and the stock market is that there investors buy and sell commodities and currency. Stock markets on the other hand allow investors to buy a stake in the company by way of shares.
  • : SEBI is the regulatory body which acts a watchdog of the securities market and protects investors interest.
  • : Shareholder also known as stock holders may be an individual or institution that owns one or more shares of a public or private corporation. promoters are the ones that promote or incorporate the company. Director is a person from a managerial group that leads or manages a particular area of the company.
  • : Primary market is a part of capital market that deals with the allotment and sale of equity backed securities directly to the investors. Secondary market investors trade shares among themselves in BSE & NSE.
  • : Initial Public Offering IPO refers to the process of offering shares of a private company to the public in a new stock issuance. Companies have to file IPO request with SEBI and provide documents listed for the IPO vetting process including DRHP information.
  • : Shareholder has doesn't have right for refunds Yes he can ask for dividend but depends upon management whether they will give or not
  • : Investment is for long term building wealth gradually for long term through buying and selling stocks Trading on hand is short term buying and selling stocks with goal of generating quick returns
  • : Face value is financial term used to describe value of a securities by issuers For stocks, the face value is original cost of stocks A dividend is a payment made by a corporation's to its shareholders Usually as a distribution of profit When company earns a profit or surplus Bonus shares are shares distributed by a company to its shareholders as fully paid shares free of charge to capitalised a part of its company retained earnings for conversion of its shares premium account. A stock split or divide increases the of shares in the company. The split causes a decrease in market price of individual share.
  • : SENSEX is otherwise known as BSE, it comprises of 30 of the largest and most actively traded stocks in the Indian stock market. NIFTY is also known as NSE, it stands for 50 of the biggest market playing stocks in the Indian share market. The index is calculated on a daily basis by taking into consideration the current market value divided by base market capital and then multiplied by the base index value of 1000.
  • : BSE declined in popularity after the Harshad Mehta scam. BSE was practicing Floor Trading Method, NSE was a new entrant and brought in screen based trading. This paved way for transparency and professionalism. Hence NSE became more popular.

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