Stock market, as the name denotes, is a place where the shares and securities of companies are traded by traders and investors.

  • : Stock market is a place where shares of companies are bought and sold.
  • : We need stock market because this is the place where we can buy and sell shares of companies
  • : Main similarity between stock market and vegetable market is both are places where products are bought and sold. Difference is products are sold physically and cash collected physically in vegetable market whereas in stock market the stocks are traded in demat format and cash is transferred through online.
  • : SEBI is Securities and Exchange Board of India and this is the regulator of stock market in India.
  • : Shareholder is one who holds a share in the company. Promoter is one who originally promoted a company. Director is one who manages the functioning of the company.
  • : Primary market is a place where shares of a company are issued for the first time like IPO. Secondary market is a place where shares are traded by traders and investors.
  • : IPO is Initial Public Offer. Through demat account, we can apply for IPO
  • : If a shareholder wants refund, he has to sell his shares and get the refund. A shareholder cannot ask for dividend and it is the prerogative of the company to give or not to give dividend.
  • : Investment is done for long term with proper fundamental analysis whereas trading is done for short term with technical analysis.
  • : Face value is the original value of a share minus any premium or discount. Dividend is a part of profit which a company offers to its shareholders. Bonus share is additional share given by a company to its existing shareholders. Split is splitting the number of shares of a company while total share capital remains the same.
  • : Sensex is Sensitive Index and it is the index of BSE. Nifty is National Index of Fifty and it is the index of NSE.
  • : Usually, the traded volume and quantity and liquidity are is greater in NSE than BSE and that is the reason for NSE becoming popular.
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