the process involved in buying and selling of shares

  • : market place where buying and selling of shares takes place.
  • : we need stock market to buy and sell shares.
  • : eg: vegetable market in a vegetable market the product they sell is vegetables,but in stock market its shares that are being held as products. every thing in a stock is market is processed digitally
  • : role of sebi is regulate the rules and regulation in order to maintain the standards of market.
  • : share holders:owners of the company who holds the share. promoters:person who promotes the company on buying of shares. directors:who manages the company and not the owners,eg:ceo,md
  • : primary market:where the stocks are newly introduced to the market as shares. secondary market:market place where all buying and selling of shares takes place after the 1st trade in primary market (second hand marktet)
  • : Initial public offering is the process by which a private company can go public by sale of its stocks to general public SM Auto Stamping Ltd. IPO offer pirce Rs:18.00 (opening date03-03-2020 closing date05-03-2020) issue price 6.55 Cr
  • : no,he can only monetize in secondary market.
  • : investment:money involved in order to attain profits is called investment. trading:trading is just an activity of buying and selling of goods(shares)
  • : face value:the primary issue price without any discount or premium. dividend:the gain from the shares. bonus:extra dividend as a part of dividend. split:increasing the shares to current share holders on due of outstanding
  • : the performance of the top companies is called as nifty and sensex. BSE represents sensex and NSE represents nifty.
  • : the high liquidity rate of stoccks in NSE made it so popular than BSE

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