it help us to under stand positional trading and intraday trading what is long
short, long unwinding and short covering and trade plan

  • : Exchange is the place where the buying and selling takes place. broker who is intermediate between trader and exchange buying and selling takes place with help of broker SEBI is a regulating body in stock market who frames rules Govt does not have active role in stock marketing
  • : as we have already known that buying and selling of stocks takes place through broker, if there is any mislead exchange will take that amount from brokers deposite to solve the problem
  • : people choose stock trading because they can earn money easily in a short span of time with their knowledge
  • : No it is not possible to buy stocks from BSE and sell it on NSE
  • : if I quote high price to buy a stock exchange will ensure that i m ready to pay till that price but the order will get executed at the current market price
  • : there are two types of order buy order and sell order the validity of the order ends on the same day now a days we can place order via online through brokers software
  • : if i buy a stock expecting that price will go up then it is long if i sell the stock expecting that price go down then it is short if i sell the stock alredy i have buy then it is long unwinding if i buy the stock already i have sell then it is short covering
  • : if we do stock trading with proper knowledge,risk, discipline and analysis then it is business means if profit>risk it is business if profit<risk it is gambling
  • : stock price are decided by buyer and seller according to demand and supply
  • : positional trading is holding of shares more then a day Intraday trading is buying and selling of shares with in a day
  • : short position can be created in a intraday trading and futures and options expecting price will go down risk will be more if dont put stop loss
  • : trade plan is nothing but stocks where to buy or sell the shares stop loss should be calculated according to our risk, proper analysis should be made it is essential to make trade plan to minimize our risk
  • : stock price does not affect the monetary aspects of the company because it is between buyer and seller
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  1. vignesh 3 years ago

    your answers are well framed and appropriate.

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