Here we see more about price patterns and types of price patterns and conditions to determine the trend whether its a bullish or bearish.

  • : Double top, double bottom, Cup patter, Flag pattern, Triangle patter and Head and shoulder.
  • : Dow theory will indicate the trend and price pattern are for when to buy/sell the stock.
  • : Two equivalent top Volume should be high at the 2nd top Duration between the 2 tops should be minimum 20 days Short positions can be considered below the previous low.
  • : Two equivalent bottom Volume should be high at the 2nd bottom Duration between the 2 bottoms should be minimum 20 days Long positions can be considered above previous top.
  • : Pattern looks like Shoulder-head-shoulder. it takes minimum 3 months to form. After recognizing 2 shoulders (tops) with head (high top) in between, we can consider short position after the previous bottom.
  • : An inverse head and shoulders, also called a "head and shoulders bottom", the head and shoulders top used to predict reversals in downtrends. Investors typically enter into a long position when the price rises above the resistance of the neckline.
  • : Pattern looks like a cup shape. it is powerful if it takes long time to construct. During the rounding bottom, the volume is expected to be as low as possible. Long position can be initiated when the price reaches level of starting of the cup.
  • : After the steeper pole with rectangular shaped sideways movement is considered as FLAG pattern. Steeper pole takes 4 to 7 days and sideways take around 3 to 5 days. During this period volume will be low. Long position can be initiated after the sideways.
  • : Entry price: Breakout After rectangular sideways, Stop loss: Below the bottom of sideways.
  • : With the five wave structure, the lines connects the tops and bottoms will form a triangle pattern. Triangle area should be minimum of 45 days. Breakout expected at 70% zone.

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