• : It's open market where companies sell their stock in form of IPO and then the stocks are traded among the people/Stock brokers creating demand and supply - Leading to profits
  • : This becomes a platform to trade the stocks we have bought.
  • : Not much different to other markets.
  • : SEBI is an GOVT controlled regulator body to make sure there are no mall practices happening in the market.
  • : Share holder - Owns the stock Promoters - How promotes the company & would have bought the stock Director - Acts as the operations and might be a share holder in most cases
  • : The primary market is where securities are created, while the secondary market is where those securities are traded by investors
  • : IPO - Initial public offer Login in broker App - Apply for the IPO with the set price and volume desired
  • : No, the only possibility is to sell the stock
  • : Investments are usually long term Trading resembles in short term
  • : Value of the stock is face value Dividends - Sharing of certain share among the company directors.
  • : SENSEX - Summation / Index of top companies performing at BSE NIFTY - Summation / Index of top companies performing at NSE usually TOP 50 COMPANIES
  • : NSE has more no.of companies participating in the market . Elexrtronic transaction medium, Futures trades available
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