Good to recollect all the basic and basic terms and conditions.

  • : stock market is the place who want to buy and sell their stocks.
  • : after buying a stock from ipo we cant sell that to the company to get the money. so we need stock market to en cash the shares.
  • : like vegetable market , fish market buyer and seller can quote their desired price and get the products. in other markets they ll give the products in physical but in stock market you will get the shares in demat account.
  • : Sebi is the regulatory.
  • : Share holder is who own the stocks, promoters are who promoted the company , from share holder or sometime from sources selecting director to control the business.
  • : Ipo is the primary market.. first time a company getting money from the public.. after ipo companies will be listed in the exchange to sell or buy the stock.
  • : initial public offer = Ipo First time a company getting money from the public, company will set a price range and the minimum qty to invest and will give time frame. in that time frame we can apply.
  • : share holders cant ask the refund from the company. and share holders are the owner of the stocks and a part of the particular company but they cant ask the dividends.
  • : for the long term commitments creating the wealth is investment. trading is like making money in short term period.
  • : the share value is equal to all share holders to calculate that given a face value. dividend is when a company earn profit will share that to all the share holders based upon their portion of shares. bonus like company want to increase the no of the share count and giving chance to add more participant in the company. Split - stock will split and it will increase the no of shares count but not the capital. to increase the liquidity doing stock split.
  • : Sensex is the index of Bombay stock exchange and Nifty is the index of national stock exchange.
  • : Bse is the oldest stock exchange and listed in many small small stocks too. But Nifty registered with 1700-1800 range of stocks and delhi based stock exchange. more no of buyers and sellers are avalilable in NSE

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