1. The Stock price are based on demand and supply in the stock market.
  2. Fundamental Analysis is done for long term investing.
  3. Technical Analysis is done for short term trading.
  4. Types of charts- Line charts, Bar charts, Candlestick.
  5. In Candlestick charts we can determine the price points ( open, close, high, low).
  6. In Fundamental Analysis to analyse the company’s factors and annual reports (borrowings, net profit, sales growth etc.,)
  7. In Technical analysis to analyse the trading price and trading volume in the charts.
  1. Naresh 2 years ago

    In response to your question?

    Your question:: Why do people avoid penny stocks?
    Penny stocks are usually classified as microcap stocks, it can be difficult to price the penny stocks since the quotations for the shares cannot be easily obtained and the most important thing is that the shares are extremely illiquid, high risk, manipulative in nature, and lack of consistency in performance.

    • Author
      Sakthidharan 2 years ago

      Hi sir,
      Thank you so mush for responding my question sir. Now I understand why people to avoid penny stock to invest.

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