stock trading is done by the help of brokers who gives the detail about the shares the investors wanted, they also ensure the counter party risk where the stocks are present in BSE and NSE can be bought and selled, if i quote the high value than the market price then also i will buy the share only at the market price, the placed order will be validated only for one day or that day,the stock price is decided only by the investors.

  • : stock trading take place through the registered stockbrokers,where in this the buyers gets in touch with the brokers and the brokers gives the details of the share they wanted to buy. SEBI checks the transparency of they company and its shares.
  • : All the traders are done through the enrolled brokers where brokers are responsible to ensure the traders counter party risk. If any mistake or misplace of order take place then the brokers will do the settlement.
  • : stock trading is the place where people can earn and lose money in short period of time using analysis and plan and that is why people choose stock trading, risk and reward is the main factor in this.
  • : yes,it is possible to buy stocks from BSE and sell it on NSE but this cannot be done on the same day.
  • : if i quote high price to buy a stock compared to its current market price my quoted price will be on the top of the list and i will get the stock immediately and i will get the stock only on the current market rate even if i quote high price, Eg: if ithe market price is 100 and i quote 200 then i will be at the top of the list and get the stock immediately but only at the rate of 100 and not 200.
  • : when an investors place an order to buy or sell a stock they should quote a price according to the market price, they are 1.long 2.short ,the validity of an order is up to a day then the order will get aborted.
  • : long position is also called buying the stock and short is the selling of stock, long unwinding is done when stock moves up and reaches trade target.they close their holding or say book profit, short covering is the buying in of stocks or other securities or commodities that have been sold short, typically to avoid loss when prices move upwards.
  • : stock trading is a business because it has strategy, analysis and plan to process and earn money whereas in gambling it is totally based on luck.
  • : after a company goes to public then the stock price is totally decided by the investors who buy and sell the trade.
  • : A position trader is a type of trader who holds a position in an asset for a long period of time, It means that all trading positions are liquidated by the end of the day. intraday trading is the trading take place within a day where buying and selling of trade is done in one day.
  • : the traders sell stock before they buy to earn money and later they will buy the stock and sent to them, the consequence are if they dont buy the stock and serll them within a day then they will be in risk.
  • : Trade Plan is to define which stocks needs to brought/sold, which instrument to be used, what is the margin( to understand the risk) and when to exit. It is essential to understand and minimize the risk and monitor the market movement to the plan to determine the exit.
  • : The stock price does not affect the company. The company drives the stock price. Price of the stock is a mere reflection of the company's performance.

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