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  • Intraday trading happens in the day itself and it differs from positional trading. We should not analyse ahead of the market. Mostly it moves by the sentiment of the global market. For selecting the stock for

  • Technical indicator used for reduce the human work and it is not for decision making. Moving average is the easy way to view trend. Its work on trending area. Relative Strength Index works on sideways

  • GAP gives the actual strength of the trend. It gives the phase details of the trend. First we have to find the GAP and qualify it to take the decisions.
    Area GAP will mostly get filled and no need to make to

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  • DOW theory, price patterns used for monthly trades and Candlestick can be used for weekly trades. Volume is not mandatory. DOJI is very powerful and all candlestick patterns are reliable for weekly traders. DOJI

  • Different types of price patterns like Double top and Double bottom, Head and Shoulder, Flag and triangle.
    It gives the characteristics of the trend better than DOW theory. Double top and double bottom should

  • DOW theory is the basic theory to find the demand and supply trend of the stock. It need to find the TOP and BOTTOM of the trend and qualify them. HB to HT trend are Bullish and LT to LB trend are Bearish. DOW

  • Two different types in stock analysis are fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental needs more details about the company which cannot be collect by retail traders.Technical analysis only derive demand and

  • In Future contract deal will happen in same day and settlement will happen later on or before expiry date. In Option trading traders will buy/sell the options to buy/sell. CALL option is the option to buy and PUT

  • Stock Trading are happening in Exchanges (NSE and BSE) and the brokers are connecting traders (public) with Exchange. SEBI maintaining the rules and regulations. Stock trading is all about risk ans rewards.It

  • Stock market is the place to sell/buy stocks (TRADE) under certain rules and regulations. Its has stock exchanges for conducting markets and brokers to connect public with the markets. Its has its own risk and to

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