• Habeesha posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    @vicky . In positional trading (i.e CNC / DELIVERY )i have few doubts
    DOUBT: After analyse a stock i came to a conclusion that i want to buy a stock at 100 , stop loss 95 , target 105
    As per my understanding , i place a CNC / DELIVERY ( LIMIT ORDER ) , Once the stock reach 100 it will get executed . Immediately i will place a sell order for the same buy order quoting 105 . once it reached 105 will the order square off immediately?
    or i should watch the market daily and once it reach my target i should square off at that time?
    which one is correct. what i should do in this scenario.

    2.Is bracket order available in equity stock market for INTRADAY TRADING?

    3. Which is better for intraday trading cover order / bracket order ?

    please clarify my doubts.

    • Hi,
      Answering to your question
      1. Order is valid only for 1 day i.e. till market closing time. So when the current price is nearer to your target or stoploss then place your order.

      2. Availability of bracket order depends on the broker. Some brokers may give you facility of bracket order but some may not.

      3. If your are entering into trade with a proper trade plan i.e. Entry, Stoploss and Target then bracket order is more comfortable.


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