EQSIS Skills

We are one of the best stock market training and research firm in chennai who are Affordable, Systematic, Practical and Simple. EQSIS Research Services are Delivered by SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Valarmurugan.S : SEBI REG NO: INH200003000

Our Training objective is to enrich you with precise knowledge about the Stock Market allowing you to become an independent trader with the best awareness of market conditions.

Our Research Services primarily delivers the information which helps you to take informed trading decisions; we follow technical analysis which helps us to understand the demand and supply of the particular asset class. Our Team is specialized on Equity and Equity derivatives cater to Indian Markets

EQSIS Stock trading Skills

EQSIS’s Analytical Expertise

Fundamental Analysis 60%
Technical Analysis 85%
Cyclical Analysis 55%

EQSIS’s Technical Expertise

Charting 95%
Data Analytic 80%
Event Analysis 70%

EQSIS’s Segment wise Expertise

Equity 85%
Equity Derivatives 80%
Commodity Derivatives 65%
Currency Derivatives 45%
ETF 70%

EQSIS’s Training Skills

Research Knowledge 95%
Interactive 90%
Doubt Resolving 85%
Classroom Delivery 95%
Online Training 45%