Stock Market Analysis – Intraday Sentiment Tracker

The Intraday Market is driven by prevailing sentiment over the core performance of the stock. Hence tracking the stock, sectors and other market become relevant to understand the intraday trend. The below charts could helps traders to find the overall market sentiment for intraday trading

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1. Market Price Performance

Here we use the top companies price performance to arrive the overall market sentiment. This can relate to the price sentiment in indian markets for the intraday. The below charts can update if we find any changes in the market sentiment. The higher the reading better the sentiment

2. Market Wide Advance Decline Ratio

This chart provide an information about the number of advancing companies over the declining companies. This history could help traders to map the sentiment of the market. You can use the below filter to see the details.

3. Market Wide Volume Analysis

This helps us to see the volume behaviors across the market. This can some time complement the price sentiment but not always. Hence this can be used to find the divergence with the above charts to confirm the sentiment.

Sector Wise Performance – Intraday Analysis
Intraday Stock Performance Tracker

4. Advance and Declines – Volume Basis

The advance and declines are mapped along with trading volume from the stock to arrive this chart. This helps us to understand the traders presence and market sentiment.

5. Stock Market Strength – Intraday History

The stocks approaching the high and low can be used to understand the intraday behaviors. This data is collected over a period of time to arrive the overall market sentiment

Advance Decline – Stock Wise Distribution