Intraday Analysis – Sector Wise Performance

Here you can find the sectors from NSE and its price performance in today’s market. This section includes price performance, advance decline progress and volume development across the sectors.

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1. Sector Wise Price Performance

Current Sector Wise Performance

This charts can help you to understand the price performance of various sectors. The momentum traders can quickly spot the industry based on the current performance.

Sector Price Performance – Intraday History

The price progress in various sectors are mapped to understand the change in trend. This chart could help the traders to understand the historical behaviors of NSE sectors in today’s market

2. Advances and Declines – Sector Wise Analysis

Current Advances and Declines – Sector Wise 

This helps intraday trader to understand the prevailing market sentiment. The sentiments drives the intraday price behavior

Advance Decline Ratio – Intraday History

The intraday history helps traders to understand the progress of stocks during various time frame. This helps us to understand the change in sentiment.

Intraday Stock Performance Tracker

3. Volume Study – Sector Wise Analysis

Current Sector Wise Volume Distribution

The volume indicates the presence of traders. This increase the reliability analysis.  Traders can find the momentum through the below charts.

Sector Volume – Intraday History

The change in trading volume helps us to understand the movement of traders and their interest.

4. Stock Distribution based on Price Performance

The stocks from various sectors are grouped to understand the current performance. This helps traders to find the distribution of gains and loss of sectors

NSE Advance Decline Stock – Intraday History

5.  Intraday Price Behaviors – Sector Wise Analysis

Intraday High / Low Analysis – Current

The current status of stock over its recent price range helps us to understand the prevailing market sentiment.

Sector Wise Intraday Price Progress – Intraday History

The price process towards its high or low helps us to get an idea of intraday market trend. The below charts filter can be useful to stop them.

6. Price, Volume and Strength – Sector Wise Radar

The Change in closing price and intraday price behaviors helps us to understand the trend of the sector. This can be tracked along with volume to find the momentum.

Overall Market Analysis