Its all about we Understanding what is stock market, How it was evolved and how it is used in day to day life, The governance of SEBI on stock market, Transparency, Ease of buying and selling shares, Role of Exchanges,.etc..

  • : It is a market where Company shares /Stocks are purchased and sold(traded).
  • : There must be a centralised place for any market so that the Purchase and sale transfers are easily made with transparency
  • : Grocery Wholesale Market, Veg Market, Electronics Market etc.. Everywhere the Commodities are traded, where as in the above said market there is an physical trade and it will be consumed, but in share market its virtual trade and the stocks of the companies can be traded as like other markets but it will be kept as an digital asset.
  • : Securities and exchange board of India- Their duty is to monitor the primary market and secondary market and there must be transparency of the Exchange and make sure the Trade happening and settlement is Hazel free
  • : Share holder- More than a single owner of a company are considered as share holder. Promoter- Single owner(Proprietorship) Director- Share holder of an PVT ltd company or LLP or Public Limited Company
  • : Company shares to Exchange is Primary Market. Trading from exchange to public is Secondary market
  • : Initial Public Offering, To apply IPO one must contact SEBI with valid business model and datas
  • : No, Share holders don't have rights
  • : Investments can be long term and short term but market watch on regular basis is not required. Trading can be Intraday or short term trading, where as close monitoring of market is required
  • : Face value is Total volume by number of splits. Dividend is Profit which was splitter and given equally to No. of shares Bonus- Additional share given to existing share's without any cost Split- Shares will be spliced and given back to share holders with same market value
  • : Sensex is BSE Created Average for evaluating and Nifty is NSE created Average for Evaluating
  • : Both head office located in Bombay but NSE has more number of traders compared to BSE.
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