share market is platform or where the buyers and sellers to meet trade their exchanges.

  • : Its a place where the shares are bought and sold. simply its a place where the buyers and sellers connects and exchange their shares.
  • : we can see this answer into two different perspective. Company perspective: i see from this side its a free cash from public to run my business. I'll explain why i said free cash , if you want to run business where do you get money? . Option 1: Getting money from bank loan its liability to pay money back with interest rate at least 12% Option 2: Issue on bond market its also a liability to pay back with some interest rates. Option 3 : issue on stock market its also a liability to pay back but its not an mandatory. Ok now question may arise why its not mandatory to pay back money to investor when issue on stock market ? Here is the tactics played by the creator , that's why secondary market exist. here stock exchanged from one public to another public so they don't need to ask money from company even if they asked the company don't have an obligation to pay back because public wishes fulfilled on secondary market. Public Perspective; if i want to run a business but i don't have an time and also i have limited amount of money so i have to invest on existing good business to fulfill my wishes. Now how do I fulfill my wishes ? simple i go for the market its called secondary market or stock market.
  • : 1. Spot Market - here i have only one instruments to sell or buy shares at current period. 2. derivative Market - here i have instruments like option and future to sell or buy shares based on contract period.
  • : Security exchange board of India ROLES : To regulate the stock markets to protect the investors from fraudulent.
  • : SHARE HOLDER who holds the shares are called as shareholder
  • : cash got by the company from public through IPO , FPO Secondary Market: its an market shares are sold between from one public to another public not from an company.
  • : A company offers its share for the first time to the public is called initial public offerings(IPO). which means the company shares its ownership to public investors to raise their capital or meeting their financial needs for the first time in public, through an IPO.
  • : No, Share holder Don't have an right to ask for refund, because if they ask company will collapse because the money already invested on business. People don't have an rights to ask dividend from Company
  • : Trading definition: Exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers in terms of cash. Actually investments is a part of trading activity which holds the security with respect to a persons wish to meet their financial obligations in near future.
  • : Face Value: The actual value of company when the company issues on public. Actually it ranges from 1 - 10 but when company issue on public at first time they added premium with face value. Dividend: the profits given to their shareholders. Bonus: Additional Shares given to their share holders Split: Dividing the face value, one of the tactics followed by the company i.e., if the stock prices are too high the people are not interested to buy their shares because of too much price so that to attract people to buy their shares by dividing their face value.
  • : SENSEX - BSE INDEX comprises 30 Companies NIFTY - NSE INDEX which comprise top 50 companies.
  • : No idea
  • : How come NSE become popular than BSE?
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  1. Naresh 9 months ago

    NSE becomes Popular among Traders Due to the Early introduction of derivative Segment…
    BSE has over 5000 Companies Listed, but most of them are not so active / traded on day to day basis
    NSE has less than 1600 companies. but most of them are active

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