Stock Trading requires a strong Analysis – Technical/Fundamental Analysis. Key data for fundamental analysis may not be genuinely available in most cases whereas for Technical Analysis it is .Various types of orders are long/long winding/Short/Short covering.

  • : Broker - Internediate between trader and Exchange Exchange - Place/Platform where the shares gets traded SEBI - A regulatory body that governs the Exchange and the companies issues shares. Government - Runs the regulatory board to ensure the trades are going as per norms set. Bank - Bank could play a backend role holding our savings account tied with the demat account with the brokerage or Bank itself could provide Brokerage service.
  • : The risks are owned by the Brokerage where the traders are holding their demat account .
  • : Good earning potential. No risks ,as SEBI governs it . Common platform .
  • : Yes it is possible , however the stock that is to be sold on other exchange should be listed there .
  • : The order gets executed on the Current Market Price.
  • : Types : Buy Order Sell Order Intraday Orders - Valid for given trading day. Contract Orders - Valid till the contract expires.
  • : Long - Order placed on long term investment perspective.Buy Order. Short - Order placed on intraday perspective . Sell order. Long unwinding - Selling a stock that is already bought . Short Covering - Buying back the stock that was already sold .
  • : When traded with Discipline and Knowledge , deriving the risks and benefits on a given opportunity it is a Business. Emotionally trading without analysis is a Gambling.
  • : Demand and Supply decide the stock price.
  • : Positional Trading - A trading made on a long term perspective. Buy order executed , necessarily not sell order has to be executed considering long term investment. Intraday Tradaing - Trading made within a given trading day . Buy and Sell order has to be executed.
  • : A strong analysis/recommendation that Stock price is likely to fall will make a seller to sell a stock , so it could be covered when the price goes down within a given intraday.
  • : A trade plan is a strategy derived from the analysis . Plan in place will always result in more sucessful trades.
  • : No , it wont . Stock prices are derived by the demand/supply in market and it wont affect the stock price in anyways.
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