Stock exchanges are regulated by SEBI
Stock exchanges appoints stock brokers
People buy/sell stocks using brokers platforms
Stock trading can be long or short
If people thing that price of the stock will go, they will buy and then sell the stock. This is called as long
If people thing that price of the stock will down, they will sell and then buy the stock. This is called as short
If trade is squared off in a day, it is called as intraday
If stock is taken on delivery and kept for few days/weeks it is called is positional

  • : A client can place order using trading platform given by brokers. All orders are routed to stock exchange where actual trade happens. Sebi regulates the stock market/exchange by framing rules. Govt appoints and oversees the sebi activities.
  • : Exchange would not directly deal with end buyer or sellers. It appoints brokers to reach the buyers and sellers. It may get deposit from brokers to edge the counter party risk
  • : People can choose stock trading based on their requirement 1. Can do as part time where there main source of income will be different 2. Can do as main work and generate income for living
  • : Yes. We can. Limitation may some stock may not be listed in NSE
  • : Though we quote order price higher than the market price, the order will be executed based ask price in the queue.
  • : Order can be placed using broker platform which can be website or mobile app Types of order 1. Cash (delivery) 2. Intraday 3. BTST Mostly all orders will be expired in EOD
  • : Long - We expect a positivity in market. We buy and sell 2. Short - We expect negativity in market/stock. We sell and then buy 3. Long unwinding - Selling long term holding 4. Short covering - Buying the stocks which we shorted earlier
  • : It can be both. If someone trade with proper understanding that of risk and reward. Also if reward in higher than risk then it is business.
  • : Stock market decides the stock price based on demand.
  • : Positional trading - User mostly bet for few days/week/month. Intraday - Square off happens in a day
  • : If a traders thinks that stock price in bearish mode and will go down, he will first sell the stock. He will buy back the stock in much lesser price and square off
  • : Every trader should have proper trade plan. He has to find the buy/sell/stop loss prices based on technical analysis/chart. Quantity can be based on the available money
  • : Stock price will not affect monetary aspects of the company because stock trading happens outside of the company activities.

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